The sustainability of projects and aid in any country is important. This is more so when the provision of food is being made available to those who are in need. We aim to continue to support all those families, orphans and elders who are in need in the countries throughout the world within which we have set up support. For example, the feedings programmes ensure that there is a meal and food provided to all the orphans, families and elders where needed. Through this year our campaigns have ensured that food programmes were set up in Malawi, Johannesburg, Rwanda, Pakistan, St. Lucia, Senegal, Liberia, Gambia, Bangladesh, India and Yemen and many others.

We have in some countries included blankets for those who are living in poverty and require some assistance to get through the winter months.

whilst we provide aid abroad to those in need we have not forgotten about those who are in need in the UK and more so in this Covid Climate which was unexpected for all and appears to be having a longer-term impact on the businesses and environment that expected. In order to reach out in the UK, we have launched a Food Bank Distribution Centre which provides bags of staple and essential foods to families in need in the UK.

This is one of the most recent projects launched on the 9th December 2020 to meet the growing needs of the community in the United Kingdom. Many were facing hardships and difficulties following on from the consequences of the Covid climate with financial and job losses. This project was set up to meet a need in our local community.

This project provides a bag of essential staple foods which are collected by local schools and community schemes who then provide these to families in need to ensure that the children have food on the table. More recently the bags have included teddy bears and gifts for children in December and warm winter clothing such as scarves, gloves and warm socks for the elderly. Our team also went out and hand-delivered the bags to the elders and families there were some very happy children and elders!

rice bag


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