As a British Charity, we are diverse in our ranger of efforts to support causes that affect our communities regardless of race or religion. We share the belief that we are all one and that we should help each other where we can. Our projects below provide a diverse range of awareness of the local issues and show that the efforts of our team and our fundraisers are reflected in our ethos.


The Akhirah Team fundraisers treat every cause with pride. The most recent fundraiser raised a massive………………………… with the target of £7777.00 far exceeded. The efforts of over 84 runners over several local regions running 7 miles in 7 days. The runners were all of the mixed abilities and completed their own challenges with the local Leeds runner finishing outside the Headingly Stadium. We encouraged all to take part and had runners from the age of 16 to 60! The runners were from diverse backgrounds and from many communities and areas with one goal. To have some fun and raise funds for a cause close to their hearts. with those who had lost family members finding a way to raise funds and raise awareness of a disease that many know so little about. IN our own way reaching out to people brought many communities together who may find friendship and support within each other. We are very proud of the community who all came together for this event and are now looking forward to the next challenge. This is what our charity is about, bringing people and communities together and raising awareness of causes where we can whilst at the same time making a difference. The full amount raised was donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.


We ensure where we are able to, we inspire the young and the youth of today to take part in the act of giving. Whether this is through showcasing their sporting talents or the mere fact that they are volunteering their time to help to fundraise, pack food bags or even to like and share our posts to raise awareness. To us, it is very important that we invite and welcome the younger generation and allow them to shape the way that the charity is able to function and co-ordinate events which will ensure that they are able to take part and reach out to others. It is important that as a charity that prides itself on being inclusive to all faiths and communities that is reflected through our volunteers.


During the time that the Covid climate was reaching its peak we raised funds through projects and ensured that we were able to deliver hot foods to the NHS staff and also delivered treats to include chocolates, biscuits and cakes purchased with donations as a small thank you for all they did to help the community in this time and place their own safety and lives at risk. There were many local businesses who donated the food in addition to that purchased with your donations to show support and gratitude to this amazing NHS staff working in our local hospitals. As a charity, we appreciate that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.


Through the Food Bank Distribution Centre, we have a huge difference to help our local community by providing food bags containing essential items to ensure that a family have food on the table. We appreciate that the climate in Covid left many children vulnerable due to the hardships being faced by their parents whether due to the economic climate or politically. When we learnt of the schools providing meals to help these families and children we decided to reach out, get involved and help! So we are now on a weekly basis providing anything from 100 to 200 bags per week to the local schools to ensure that we are in a small way making a difference to a family and children somewhere. If you are interested in this campaign then let us know and we can arrange for you to help with shopping, packing the bags and assisting with the collection of the bags each week.


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