There are many orphans and families living in extreme poverty. These families were not in receipt of any aid and had no access to funding from other organisations. The work that we do and the humanitarian aid that is delivered to each area is on a needs-based assessment. We always make an assessment of the area in which we are to distribute aid and we aim to deliver this in a way that assists the maximum number of people.

The donations that have been made have been used to make the following improvements in this area;

  • Donations have been used to pay for education fees, food and clothing.
  • Water wells were constructed in rural areas to ensure the provision of clean drinking water.
  • Many elders are left without care and they are vulnerable and have no access to funding. The donations have been used to build small homes for the elders to improve their quality of life.
  • Food provision with the delivery of over 50,000.00 food parcels.
  • Medical bills of those who are suffering from ailments have been paid for and medicines where necessary have been funded.
  • Campaign for the distribution of food parcels and clothing in the local slum areas to those in need. Food and clothes distributed in slum areas.
  • Orphans and Widows were provided with support to include food and clothing.


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