Pumps, Borehole & Water Filtration

Access to clean water is a basic human right, provide an ongoing benefit to so many children, families and elders in poor communities. Clean water changes and saves lives by preventing many illnesses and losses of life.
This year The Akhirah Team will also be offering an opportunity for you to donate towards Water filtration system in Pakistan.

For many in the developed world access to clean drinking water is imagined as an indelible right. Thus, we regularly take it for granted! Unfortunately, many in the developing world do not enjoy this entitlement, and the lack of access to this basic essential often results in the difference between life and death. This year The Akhirah Team is seeking your help donate water filtration systems /water pumps in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Africa so that families in the poorest communities in this part of the world can also enjoy the privilege and benefits of access to clean drinking water.

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