Sewing for Success

It is simply not possible to wipe out acute poverty in the long-term by handing out money to the poor and needy. This approach may meet the short-term need of feeding a person for one day, but it’s not sufficient to lift them out of poverty. A more sustainable and enduring response is to help the person in need acquire the means necessary to provide for themselves. This helps them to become self-sufficient and financially independent over time, allowing them to live a much freer life. The Akhirah Team is proud to present its latest charity campaign in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India aimed at precisely doing that, supporting individuals to become financially self-reliant to beat the scourge of poverty!

One of the simplest ways to support someone in need is to help them obtain the basic tools necessary to develop the means to provide for themselves. A reliable income stream offers the person the medium through which to make a living. They can then live a more self-reliant and independent life in their local environment. A sewing machine for instance can provide a man or woman with the basic means to earn a living and support their family in the long-term. Help us gift a vulnerable man or woman a sewing machine this Ramadan. Empower them by helping them start a tailoring business that will allow them to provide for their entire family, become financially independent and lift themselves out of poverty.

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