Medical Care

The Akhirah Team is proud to present our healthcare project which is committed to providing much-needed healthcare facilities to the most impoverished people in developing countries. Our project is taking all necessary steps to assure that the poor & needy have access to the health services they desperately need, such as medical, vision, oral treatments, and support for disabilities.

Vision Care

Every day, many around the world are going blind from eye conditions or diseases that are easily preventable. Over 2.2 billion people around the world are impacted by blindness. 80% of all blindness is curable or preventable, and yet millions of vulnerable people continue to live in darkness. A leading cause of blindness is cataracts

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye, which is usually clear. The clouding begins to affect vision, Cataracts are easily curable. But if left untreated can cause irreversible blindness. These life-changing surgeries are vital in aiding the needy across rural areas.


The Akhirah Team has carried out a varied range of health programs across many countries around the world and aims to expand further. We address the health needs of each individual case by case, focusing on specific issues that pose a threat to good health and working with local experts to create solutions that work best for the individual.

Our projects can range from paying for the medical bills, medical aftercare, circumcision procedures, and providing wheelchairs to the disabled to name a few. By donating to our healthcare program, you are ensuring that we can provide vital healthcare services, medicine, and equipment to those most in need.

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