100% Donation Policy

This is not just a buzz word and many charities have different methods to ensure that your donation is applied as 100% to the cause to which it was donated for. The 100% donation policy means that every £1 you give is fully applied to the cause to which is it has been donated and that there is no administration costs taken from the donations. All bank fees or any administration fee applied by the banks applied to any such donations are reimbursed back into any such costs completing the 100% donation.

Many charities will have different methods of ensuring that their 100% donation policy operate as such and the key is to ensure that all the donation to the £1 is applied to the cause for which it is donated.


How do Charities Cover their running costs with 100% donation policy?

All charities have expenses to cover and it would be untruthful to state otherwise. A charity cannot run for free and all charities have costs such as rent, bills and overheads and expenses. In order to be able to operate these costs have to be funded.

These costs can include rent, professional fees, marketing fees, advertising costs and supplies. Charities who claim 0% admin costs and outgoings on your donations, are likely to be funding the admin costs with alternative donations and through business/commercial sponsors and other projects.

These alternatives can include but are not limited to corporate donations, gift aid, grants or profits from activities like charity shops, merchandise and other goods or services.


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