The Rickshaw Project

The Akhirah Team is proud to present by popular demand our Rickshaw Project.

In some parts of the world such as India, Bangladesh & Pakistan getting around in a rickshaw is the most reliable & cheapest mode of transport. However, many rickshaw drivers can’t afford to buy their own vehicle, so spend a considerable amount of their meagre income on renting them.

Our Rickshaw project has been set up to help these individuals to own a vehicle.
To provide a reliable income stream offers the person the medium through which to make a living. They can then live a more self-reliant and independent life in their local environment.

The money saved by owning their own Rickshaw can now be spent to provide food and education to help them sustain their family.

The Rickshaw is a three-wheeled, non-motorized vehicle known for its cleanliness to the environment because it doesn’t require fuel, these human-powered carts are a great source of sustainable income for rural and urban workers cost only £185!

Help us gift a vulnerable person a Rickshaw this Ramadan allowing them to provide for their entire family, become financially independent and lift themselves out of poverty.

A named family /Business plaque can be put on the Rickshaw if paid for in full.

This Project is Zakat eligible.


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