30 Days of Giving

30 days of giving

Automate your donations with The Akhirah Team

Spread your giving with The Akhirah Team and gain immense reward, let us donate for you automatically every night and never miss Laylatul Qadr again.

That time is here and as Ramadan approaches, how will you be reflecting on your time on earth this year?

We all know that this Duniya (World) is temporary and that we are here to prepare for the Akhirah (Afterlife). However, what we do whilst we are here is very valuable and carries blessings and rewards. The 30 days of Ramadan are important to all Muslims across the globe as we all aim to maximise and seek the blessings of Allah for ourselves, our loved ones, families, and children.

As you sit with your family, it is important to remember those who may have nothing but the air that they breathe. The provision of any of the essentials afforded by our ongoing projects will ensure that you receive duas/blessings direct from those who benefit from your zakat donations. Whether this is a glass of clean water, food or payment for school fees and medical treatment. The question is, are you giving your zakat just so that you can say you have given it and you never think about it again, or are you giving your zakat so that you can be sure that it has been used to directly benefit those whom need it the most. We can ensure that your zakat payments reach those in need whether this is through the provision of water, food, hospitals, housing, education, aid to orphans, widows and families in poverty.

To donate your zakat over Ramadan please click the links above which will go live leading up to the 30 days of Ramadan. Please donate generously, may your good deeds be accepted. Don’t miss your opportunity to reap the rewards and provide your zakat directly to those that need it through the Akhirah Team.


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It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving