Middle East


There are areas that are affected by social and political climates which are beyond their control. There are many vulnerable families and displaced families in many areas. This causes access to the basic facilities to become limited and places an increased strain and unnecessary suffering on many. Where there has the ability to reach out and provide humanitarian aid in these areas, we have reached out and tried to ease some of this suffering.

We have provided the following provisions to help those in need.

  • Water distribution by way of the delivery of clean water tankers allowing families and children to have access to clean water.
  • Blanket and clothes distributed to ensure that in the winter months those who have lost their homes and maybe displaced can stay warm.
  • Food parcels were delivered to over 1500 families.
  • Medical aid to those in need who were unable to afford to pay the medical bills.
  • Toys and gifts for children distributed to young children.

Food Parcels

Medicine Distribution

Surgical Operations

Hearing Aids

Water Distribution


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